As firms begin to consider the potential for issuing mutual capital instruments or co-operative capital units, the BCCM has launched the Capital Partners Project to provide an opportunity for co-operatives and mutuals to engage with capital market experts to exchange knowledge and experience.

Through a series of exclusive online events, the Capital Partners Project will bring firms together with the leading capital market experts from Australia and Internationally in order to help them to be best placed to consider their potential options.

From understanding the legal parameters for capital raising opportunities to preparing you co-operative or mutual to be market-ready, BCCM will help your firm to access the best advice and experience available.

We will work with Australia’s leading capital advisory firms:


Mutual law experts


Retail distribution  advisors


Capital market experts



International financial regulator


Leading international mutual business executives

The program is designed to appeal to co-operatives and mutuals from all industry sectors at every stage of considering whether to issue mutual capital instruments or co-operative capital units.

The events are designed to provide value to both APRA Regulated businesses, and non-regulated co-operatives and mutuals.

Capital Advisors


Peter Hunt

Managing Partner, Mutuo UK

Peter founded Mutuo in 2001 to promote co-operative and mutual business to opinion formers and decision makers. He led the parliamentary teams which piloted five bills through the UK Parliament, working with all parties to update co-operative and mutual law. He was a founder of Supporters Direct, an initiative to give fans an ownership stake in their football clubs. He has worked with the BCCM since 2013, helping with strategy and co-ordinating the successful project to update Australian mutuals legislation through the Mutual Reforms Act 2019.

Melina Morrison

Chief Executive Officer, BCCM

Melina is the inaugural CEO of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals. Melina advocated for a Federal Government inquiry into the co-op and mutual sector, which handed down 17 ground-breaking recommendations in 2016. This was followed by then Australian Treasurer, now Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, ordering an independent inquiry into access to capital issues for co-operatives and mutuals. This led to the first enabling legislation for mutuals in Australia in 18 years. Enacted in April 2019, the new laws permit mutuals to raise investment capital whilst safeguarding their mutual status.

Mark WilleTts

Partner, Mutuo

Mark joined Mutuo in 2010 and works on a range of projects globally. He is currently Secretary to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Mutuals, liaising with Government, MPs and Peers on projects to help develop mutual businesses. Between 2010 and 2012, he served as Assistant Secretary to the Ownership Commission – a two year study into corporate diversity. He has worked with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) since 2015, co-authoring research publications. He recently worked on the team to help facilitate new capital to be raised by Australian mutuals. He has previously co-authored guides for the ICA, ICMIF and the BCCM.

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